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Recruitment Process

Employing new people is possibly one of the most stressful – and potentially risky – activities that a business can undertake. Poor recruitment decisions can lead to huge wastes in time, resources and money, not to mention damage to existing morale and relationships in the company workplace.

While it is important to match a person’s technical skills with the position advertised, it is also vital to consider issues beyond the qualifications on paper, to ensure a good fit between the candidate’s personality and the company’s culture.

At Scientific and Technical Recruitment, our recruitment process includes the following stages:

  • On notification of a recruitment assignment, the appointed consultant meets with the Client to determine the requirements of the position or, where appropriate, takes these details by phone.
  • Candidates are sourced:
    • from our extensive current database
    • through our own advertising
    • through paid advertising in consultation with the Client
    • through other means suggested by the Client
  • The consultant shortlists the candidates, using a selection process that may include Structured Interviewing, Psychometric Testing or related Skills and Aptitude Tests if appropriate.
  • The Client is presented with candidate resumés and evaluations and, following consultation, appointments to interview are arranged.
  • Relevant reference checks of shortlisted candidates are undertaken.
  • Following Client interviews, we offer consultancy and advice, followed by negotiation of the terms of appointment, and presentation of the offer to the successful candidate.
  • Unsuccessful candidates are informed.
  • Follow-up and review takes place for a certain period after the commencement of the appointment.

In addition to our thorough interview process, Scientific and Technical Recruitment promotes the application of specialist recruitment technology, such as candidate analysis tools, skill and aptitude tests and database applications when it is deemed appropriate or upon request. By measuring a person’s work-related characteristics and matching people with the types of occupational responsibilities to which they are best suited, a business’s productivity is enhanced by identifying candidates who have the best aptitude and ability for the role.

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